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Lavie enfant

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Lavie enfant

"Ravi Enfant" is photo studio for exclusive use of child whom bridal photobusiness "Ravi factory" which LEC presents produces.
We will photograph while snuggling up to family as present for children going ahead through Photo is Letter "sending today to us who when are" to the future in concept.
There are antique room and four views of the world that imaged patio of The Natural space, maison which can utilize light to come in through window effectively, playing room with secret small room, French attic, and studio can leave photograph which expression of child becomes rich, and is memorable by turning situation depending on shooting contents.
We make use of know-how that we cultivated by bridal shooting in studio for exclusive use of child simply because it is now when "photo studio of town" decreases with the spread of digital cameras and will provide new value to color memorial day when customer is important.

  • Lavie enfant
  • Lavie enfant
  • Lavie enfant

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