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[9/10 Thursday OPEN] Olives dentistry, orthodontic clinic

Tower ridge 3F


[9/10 Thursday OPEN] Olives dentistry, orthodontic clinic

Olives dentistry started as olives dentistry, orthodontic clinic in November, 2005. Olives are considered to be "symbol of peace" and are plant which it has been useful as "long-lived effective medicine with every effect".
We thought that we could help all patients to be able to send the pleasant eating habits with health through life and named.
As for trust, the treatment results from patient whom we piled up, it is learned technique to make use of in the next treatment in many cases that we got by having increased experience levels until now.
We have this knowledge and technique that by sharing technically, doctor of olives dentistry, orthodontic clinic overwhelms others. We face dental treatment as craftsman in knowledge that we piled up, technique that we piled up and continue providing beauty of the finish to be able to call art.

Business hours

10:00-14:00/16:00-20:00 water, Sunday/Holiday rest

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