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[9/1 Tuesday OPEN] Clinic of Takeshiba waterside

Tower ridge 3F


[9/1 Tuesday OPEN] Clinic of Takeshiba waterside

Clinic of Takeshiba waterside is clinic which had both "kidney internal medicine" which is wide "general internal medicine" and specialized medical treatment as family medicine.
Including overall internal medicine which have abnormality such as cholesterol, neutral fat, uric acid pointed out by, medical examination having lifestyle-related diseases such as of trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes for various symptoms, and is hoped for by the second inspection please feel free to contact. With kidney internal medicine, knowledge and specialist with experience can have a medical examination with ease of medical office.
Proteinuria and creatinine are high, and, at first, please consult about person that kidney disease was doubted.
We hear about story of patient carefully and explain the condition of a patient expected after condition, now at meaning, the present of result provided by medical examination and inspection. And we suggest cure that matched each person's condition and living.
We consider nosocomial infection at our hospital and introduce Web reservation and online medical treatment.
Various medical examinations and vaccinations make a reservation over telephone; accept.

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Weekdays 10:00-13:30 15:30-18:30 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays rest

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