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[9/1 Tuesday OPEN] Four Seasons beauty dermatology clinic

Tower ridge 3F


[9/1 Tuesday OPEN] Four Seasons beauty dermatology clinic

Patient loads the name called Four Seasons with thought to want you to walk with smile throughout the year in "winter" to be worried about drying in "autumn" when autonomic nerve is easy to be confused in curious "summer" of ultraviolet ray "spring" when humidity retention power decreases.
We unify feelings with patient by counseling at our clinic and snuggle up to patient and treat custom tailoring that we put together in cause of trouble.
Furthermore, we make an effort so that by being treated with the latest regenerative medicine from the origin of "total design" X = trouble "returning hand on the watch of cell", smile can bring about satisfying result that it can be throughout the year.

Business hours

10:00-20:00 (Thursday closing the office) ※Four Seasons beauty dermatology clinic HP give reference, too.

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