We shorten time and will do business except atre Takeshiba some stores from Monday, August 3. For each store business hours, please see shop page.

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[9/1 Tuesday OPEN] Fur Malaysia's drugstore

Tower ridge 3F


[9/1 Tuesday OPEN] Fur Malaysia's drugstore

Fur Malaysia's drugstore atre Takeshiba store is pharmacy shop of new age not to be seized with image of conventional "dispensing pharmacy".
As you handle goods doing your life including aroma and supplement wealthily let alone OTC drug a lot, with or without prescription, you can drop in casually.
As we cope, pharmacist that we drink and make a specialty of consultation such as laying upons of effect of aroma and medicine and supplement is reliable.
As local healthy life supporter, we help with health maintenance, preventive health care of user.

Business hours

Weekdays 10:00-14:00 15:30-18:30 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays rest

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